The apple has been, since the beginning of time, one of the most named fruits throughout history, from the forbidden apple of Adam and Eve to its translation into what is now known as apple cider vinegar, whose benefits We went on to describe in detail from MerrySab. Read on and you will see the magical powers of apple cider vinegar, they will surprise you!

Benefits of apple cider vinegar: our lives will improve significantly

If there is any element in your kitchen that you may not know in depth, this is apple cider vinegar, an apple cider vinegar with a mild flavor and aroma that provides thousands of properties to salads, dressings and dressings that help achieve a Mediterranean diet, if possible, even more balanced.

Apple cider vinegar contains vitamins A and B , minerals such as sodium, iron, zinc, silicon or calcium (which is so important to your bones) and fatty acids essential to prevent cell oxidation. Apple cider vinegar is, without a doubt, one of the best foods for losing weight and reducing abdominal fat because it improves digestion, reducing gases produced in the stomach and produces a satiating effect, making reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, making it especially effective for people with diabetes.

Acetic acid, which will eventually become apple cider vinegar, is ideal for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides which will help us fight cardiovascular disease. Likewise, apple cider vinegar allows to kill different bacteria that clean the urinary system, regulating the pH of the blood that will help us improve circulation.

Apple cider vinegar is also specially indicated for the most athletes, to avoid joint and muscle pain and injuries, in addition to being used as a natural organ and skin revitalizer, providing energy and vigor after two or three tablespoons daily in salads or any other dish, reducing the oxidative stress of our daily life.

Merrysab, where apple cider vinegar takes another dimension

At Merrysab we are specialists in the production and distribution of apple cider vinegar in different formats for your daily use at home, high nutritional value without allergens, and apple cider vinegar in bulk for the food industry, following the highest European quality standards. Do not hesitate, contact contact us, we will help you find your best version of apple cider vinegar.

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