Rice with milk with peach and chocolate syrup.

Merry chocolate syrup Ingredients: -200 gr. of round rice -150 gr. of sugar -Two sticks of cinnamon -The peel of a lemon -850 ml. milk -150 ml. of liquid cream -100 gr. of mascarpone cheese -Two peaches in syrup -100 gr. of peach jam -Merry chocolate syrup -Mint leaves to decorate Preparation: Join the milk […]

Strawberry sponge cake

Merry strawberry syrup Ingredients: -1 strawberry yogurt -1 measure (with the glass of yogurt) of oil -2 measures of sugar -2.5 measures of rice flour + 1 of cornstarch -3 eggs -1 packet of chemical yeast or 2 double sachets of gasifier. -A handful of pieces or a few drops of Merry chocolate syrup. -To […]