Pickled anchovies.

Merry White wine vinegar Ingredients: -1 kg of very fresh anchovies, oil, vinegar, flour and salt. -12 cloves of garlic -1 cube of broth -2 bay leaves -1 sprig of thyme -1 sprig of sweet paprika oregano Preparation: Clean the anchovies, sprinkle with salt and pass through flour. Put oil in abundance in a frying […]

Fresh anchovies in Vinegar.

White wine vinegar Merry Ingredients: -1/2 kg. of anchovies -250 ml. of white wine vinegar -Plentiful salt -50 ml. olive oil -4 cloves of garlic -2 scoops of parsley -Lemon Preparation: The head and the spine is removed from the anchovies. Wash them and put them in a fountain. Make a brine with vinegar and […]

Steamed mussels with pepper vinaigrette

Modena balsamic vinegar Merry Ingredients: -1 kg of mussels. Ingredients for vinaigrette: -½ red pepper -½ green pepper -½ yellow pepper -Fresh parsley -200ml olive oil -4 tablespoons Modena vinegar, -Salt and pepper Preparation: 1. Open the mussels steamed, inside a covered pot, without any water. 2. Chop the three peppers into small cubes and […]