We are not referring here to the use of vinegar as a culinary ingredient, it naturally has a wide use; we will cite it as that special touch that is part of the small secrets of a housewife, and also as the solution to cushion the unpleasant odors that sometimes spread through the kitchen:

  • A little bit of vinegar in the cooking water of the eggs, whether they are hard or washed by water, will prevent that if any of them cracks the clear escape of the shell, since it would coagulate quickly.
  • The cooking time of the vegetables can be reduced by adding a little vinegar to the water.
    If the vinegar is added to the cooking water of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower, they are more tender and digestive and, above all, the strong odor that they give off is softened.
  • The addition of a few drops of vinegar to the cooking water of the fish will make your meat more firm, but without losing any of its softness; In addition, if you use a good aromatic vinegar, it will lend an exquisite aroma. Precisely in order to enhance its flavor, a little vinegar is added to the cooking water of the seafood. If it is desired that the raw onion is not very spicy, the solution is to cut it into slices and cover it with water and vinegar for some time. A splash of vinegar may encourage a somewhat insipid sauce.
  • A cup of milk with a teaspoon (of those for dessert) of vinegar can be used in place of an egg (or several proportionally increasing the mixture) when preparing a sponge cake.
  • To revive the aroma of strawberries and strawberries or a fruit salad, add a little good vinegar along with the sugar.
  • So that the rice is loose test to throw to the water, when it is boiling, a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • If you mix white vinegar with water, it is a very effective mixture to clean the whole chicken before cooking it.
  • You will avoid the strong and very characteristic smell that the cabbage releases when cooking if you add vinegar to the water that you use to boil it.
  • If you want to return the freshness to the vegetables that you have stored in the freezer, put them to soak in cold water with vinegar.
  • To highlight the flavor of sauces and soups add a teaspoon of wine vinegar.
  • Wash the prawns with water and vinegar to remove their strong smell before cooking.

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