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Happy Holidays!

JRSABATER wishes customers, friends and family a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year full of thousands of projects, hopes and smiles to share. 2021 has been a year of consolidation after the pandemic, in which we have made a strong commitment to improving our facilities with the commissioning of our new photovoltaic plant […]

JRSABATER obtains V-LabelBEL seal for vegan products

JRSABATER is celebrating after being awarded the V-Label seal, the quality seal for vegan and vegetarian products issued by the European Vegetarian Union. JR Sabater reaffirms its commitment to healthy products. JRSABATER will put the finishing touch to a 2021 full of challenges and new projects with the inclusion of the V-Label seal on its […]

Sherry vinegar: useful information

Sherry vinegar has become, in recent years, one of the most appreciated condiments of the Mediterranean diet due to its great taste, its properties and the enormous prestige of a Designation of Origin, the D.O. Vinagre de Jerez, which has crossed borders. Thus, JRSabater produces and bottles sherry vinegar, aged in oak casks using criaderas […]

Sweet Sherry Vinegar, congratulations!

On the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Regulatory Council of the Designations of Origin Jerez-Xéres-Sherry, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar and Vinagre de Jerez, the best news for sweet sherry vinegar has come to light: its inclusion as part of the family of sherry condiments has become effective after two years of bureaucratic processing in […]

Apple cider vinegar gummies

Apple cider vinegar is especially suitable for many household chores, but did you ever think it could become your new favourite sweet? Apple cider vinegar jelly beans are here to stay! From J.R. Sabater we explain what they are and what benefits they have for your health, you will have no excuse to try them! […]

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

The apple has been, since the beginning of time, one of the most named fruits throughout history, from the forbidden apple of Adam and Eve to its translation into what is now known as apple cider vinegar, whose benefits We went on to describe in detail from MerrySab. Read on and you will see the […]

The benefits of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet

Olive oil is the main basis of a Mediterranean diet based on a diet based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and white meat. Thus, the benefits of olive oil are numerous and now Harvard University has been in charge of endorsing them by presenting a scientific study in which to demonstrate the relationship between cardiovascular […]

J.R. SABATER celebrates its 40th anniversary.

During the year 2016 J.R. SABATER has carried out various events to celebrate its 40th anniversary since its foundation in 1976. Among the acts, we highlight the day of coexistence with all the workers of the group in the Finca del Olmo in Jumilla. Thanks to all the workers who attended and to the organizing […]

I + D. In continuous growth.

Vinagres J.R. Sabater with the continuous investment in Innovation and Development has managed to obtain the highest levels of quality, productivity and innovation in the vinegar manufacturing process. The continuous technological improvement allows vinagres J.R. Sabater is a reference for its innovation, quality, and manufacturing capacity, in order to obtain the best vinegars and meet […]

Vinagres J.R. Sabater renews the IFS and BRC certifications.

The implantation in Vinagres J.R. SABATER of the IFS standard, recognized internationally, allows to ensure the delivery of vinegars that respect the specifications defined by their customers, to continuously improve the safety and quality of the products aimed at the consumer. Vinagres J.R. Sabater also has the BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certification that […]