• Choose very fresh and good quality food.
  • If you want to preserve vegetable products in vinegar, you have to ensure that they have been picked at the right time, when they are ripe, but firm.
  • Make sure the vegetables are healthy and tender; Those who have their own garden will pick them up in the morning, as soon as they have bathed the first rays of the sun.
  • The containers that are going to be used must be well washed and perfectly dry. When clarifying them for the last time, add a few drops of vinegar or lemon to the water, which have disinfectant power.
  • And as in cleaning matters it is better to pass than to fall short, a very accurate security measure would be to boil the jars and lids for about 10 minutes and let them dry on their own, leaving them to drain upside down on a cloth.
  • Use glass, ceramic or unvarnished clay jars (plastic and metallic ones should be discarded because the acetic acid in the vinegar could attack them).
  • When the lids are fitted with rubber rings, check that they remain in good condition.
  • Choose jars (or other types of containers) of different capacities to adapt them to the different products (some are usually used in greater quantity than others) and to the specific circumstances; It is advisable to consume the product within a short time after opening the container.
  • • To remove part of the jar from a jar, always use absolutely clean spoons, preferably of wood; any other food would favor the appearance of mold on the surface of the preservation liquid, and the food could deteriorate.

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