Merry strawberry syrup


-1 strawberry yogurt
-1 measure (with the glass of yogurt) of oil
-2 measures of sugar
-2.5 measures of rice flour + 1 of cornstarch
-3 eggs
-1 packet of chemical yeast or 2 double sachets of gasifier.
-A handful of pieces or a few drops of Merry chocolate syrup.
-To decorate: icing sugar (best vanilla) and strawberry strawberry syrup.



Preheat the oven to 170º C.

In a bowl beat the eggs and sugar, add yogurt and oil and beat until the mixture is spongy. Add the flour (previously mixed with rice flour, cornstarch and yeast) and mix until it is a soft dough.

Add the chocolate chips or Merry chocolate syrup drops.

Smear a bowl for biscuits with butter or olive oil and pour the contents of the bowl.

Place in the oven at an average height for 40 minutes.

To decorate sprinkle the sugar glass and sprinkle with Merry strawberry syrup.

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