Vinegar is, in addition to being an excellent condiment for salads and thousands of dishes, a highly coveted product and ideal for caring for plants with vinegar thanks to its multiple properties. Keep reading, we explain them to you.

Caring for plants with vinegar: much more than a food

We have always echoed the properties of vinegar for our health, but today we put our eye on vinegar as a beneficial element for our plants; And it is that caring for plants with vinegar has many advantages.

Thus, vinegar helps us eliminate fungi and pests from our plants and / or garden thanks to a cotton ball and a little vinegar sprayed on the area in question, eliminating bacteria thanks to its disinfecting power.

Vinegar is, in country houses and the like, an exceptional guest as it is much more powerful than many insecticides, spray your floors with vinegar next to the mop water or independently and forget about ants and other critters for a while.

The encrusting power of vinegar will allow us to have our garden free of weeds at all times in a safe way, goodbye weeds of the changes of season! But if this seems little to you, rub your gardening tools well and voila! Goodbye rust, accumulated dirt and other impurities!

Your tricks to care for plants, better with JRSABATER and MERRYSAB

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