Vinegar is, since time immemorial, known for its many properties, both for our body and for disinfection and cleaning. So, today we present you the Vinaclean cleaning vinegar, your ideal solution for your most hated disinfection tasks, read on and you will understand all the benefits of cleaning vinegar in our section oftricks and tips for the home.

Cleaning vinegar, a key multipurpose in your home

The Vinaclean cleaning vinegar, with an acidity of 8 degrees, will allow you to clean the lime in different rooms of your house, such as taps and screens in the bathroom, as well as cleaning the tiles in your kitchen or sink, clearly demonstrating its anti-fouling power next to water.

Problems with odors in your home? Don’t worry, the Vinaclean cleaning vinegar will eliminate bad odors in containers, from your hands after cooking or from your fridge cleaning with a cloth, a mixture of cleaning vinegar and water and … voila, goodbye to smells instantly! Along with the fridge, the dishwasher is another of the great beneficiaries in the kitchen thanks to the cleaning vinegar, which will descale its filters and also will give shine to all your cutlery with a little cleaning vinegar thanks to its cleaning power.

Cleaning vinegar is also used to clean your kitchen surfaces , especially the plates where we place the food, which will dissolve the stains after several passes (always dry and when it is not hot!) . The descaling power of the cleaning vinegar will also allow you to unclog your sink easily from all the food retained in the pipes.

Do you want to know more tricks that you can do with the Vinaclean cleaning vinegar? If leaving your home as the jets of gold is all about, cleaning vinegar will help you to clean your winter rugs and, above all, to clean all surfaces where the glass is present , such as mirrors, windows, and even your computer screens.

The cleaning vinegar has, in addition, a strong competent bactericide , eliminating the pesticides that may remain in your fruits and vegetables, as well as being quite annoying for insects, so any surface you spray with vinegar from cleaning will be free of these bugs. This bactericidal effect of cleaning vinegar is also evident in sponge sterilization , which look like new when applied.

Chewing gum stuck on some surface of your house? Say goodbye with the cleaning vinegar! These friends, as desired by your children as perhaps hated by you, will be easily eliminated with the cleaning vinegar.

Do not hesitate, trust the disinfection, cleaning and maintenance of your home with the Vinaclean cleaning vinegar, it will be your best decision.

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