Olive oil is the main basis of a Mediterranean diet based on a diet based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and white meat. Thus, the benefits of olive oil are numerous and now Harvard University has been in charge of endorsing them by presenting a scientific study in which to demonstrate the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and the consumption of olive oil.

The prestigious American higher academic institution has been able to recognize the decrease in heart attacks by 18%, only with the intake of half a tablespoon of oil a day (along with the other factors studied in this scientific project), after studying more than 90,000 volunteers over three decades. These results have crossed the borders of the Mediterranean countries to establish all the benefits of olive oil in the United States, thus increasing the confidence placed in the so-called liquid gold of the Mediterranean arc, key to the Mediterranean diet and, from now on, important in the rest of the countries.

But what really are the benefits of olive oil? Keep reading, we explain them easily.

Benefits of olive oil: key to physical and mental well-being

Olive oil has, as we all know, thousands of properties for our body and our physical and mental well-being, it helps us to improve our quality of life and increase our longevity.

In addition, olive oil protects our digestive system, reducing the acids that act on our organs and promoting intestinal transit. Olive oil has an antioxidant function in our body, increasing good cholesterol (known as HDL or high-density lipoproteins), decreasing abdominal fat and absorbing vitamins and proteins correctly.

Liquid gold includes, among its pros, the ability to protect the digestive system, reduce our weight and protect our joints from inflammation of all kinds.

All of these are some of the benefits of olive oil in any diet, whether raw, especially in salads as a dressing or for frying, helping to give flavor and color to your recipes. Trust JR SABATER and MerrySab your best olive oils and start enjoying liquid gold in your Mediterranean diet now.

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