Bulk products for industry

Bulk Vinegar for the Industry

Vinagres J.R. Sabater, S.A. It has a wide range of bulk products for the industry.

The main food companies place their trust in J.R. Sabater since we strictly comply with the quality standards that the market demands.

Our scope of distribution for food cover all those manufactured products that require our ingredients for their preparation, such as: mayonnaise, sauces, precooked or prepared dishes, distribution of ingredients for food, etc.


The vinegar is subjected to a process of sterilizing microfiltrazación with what ensures the absence of microorganisms.

Each shipment is identified with a unique code.

Compliance with the traceability required in Regulation 178/2002 is ensured.

Control of critical control points, according to applicable ACCP legislation.

BRC and IFS protocols in food safety.

Merry products distributed in bulk

Merry distribute different kind of products in bulk in buckets of 25 liters, drums of 225 liters, IBC of 1060 Kg, tanker truck 25,000 kilograms, ISOTANK and FLEXITANK:

  • White and red wine vinegar
  • Apple vinegar
  • Modena balsamic cream
  • Sherry vinegar