The Mediterranean diet

J.R. Sabater maintains a special relationship with the Mediterranean, its culture, its cuisine and especially its people. It is because of this geographical and emotional relationship, that is why we have taken the conservation and dissemination of Mediterranean traditions, culture and diet to the level of commitment.


Because the Mediterranean is our cradle and by the absolute conviction that the values of our culture and gastronomy are engines that generate quality of life, J.R. Sabater assumes the responsibility of promoting and disseminating a healthy and balanced diet, based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, with products of proven quality, capable of providing high nutritive values and deep Mediterranean flavors.

As one of the links in this commitment, Merry Cooking is born, a section of our website where amateurs and experts in the kitchen can access and share recipes, presentations, documentation and other applications related to the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

The demands of our customers force us to anticipate their needs, providing solutions and products capable of satisfying their preferences and adapting to the latest market trends. Always keeping the highest levels of quality.