Tricks and tips for the home

It is an essential ingredient in our salads and other dishes, but also vinegar serves for other applications in your home. This liquid with a particular odor helps you to keep your home sparkling and bright. Learn the most effective uses of vinegar in your home.


Vinegar is, since time immemorial, known for its many properties, both for our body and for disinfection and cleaning. So, today we present you the Vinaclean cleaning vinegar, your ideal solution for your most hated disinfection tasks, read on and you will understand all the benefits of cleaning vinegar in our section oftricks and tips […]

Cosmetic uses

When washing our hair, and when we have removed the shampoo, rinse it with water to which we will have incorporated a few tablespoons of vinegar; you have to let it act for a few minutes and rinse it for the last time with water alone. The hair will be shiny and silky and will […]

Preserves in vinegar

Choose very fresh and good quality food. If you want to preserve vegetable products in vinegar, you have to ensure that they have been picked at the right time, when they are ripe, but firm. Make sure the vegetables are healthy and tender; Those who have their own garden will pick them up in the […]

Air freshener and cleaning tricks

Vinegar is a powerful product that absorbs odors. For example in the kitchen you can place a glass with vinegar overnight to neutralize odors after making fish or meat. In a room where you have smoked a lot, smoke and the smell of tobacco are eliminated if a container of vinegar is left in it […]

In the kitchen

We are not referring here to the use of vinegar as a culinary ingredient, it naturally has a wide use; we will cite it as that special touch that is part of the small secrets of a housewife, and also as the solution to cushion the unpleasant odors that sometimes spread through the kitchen: A […]